Okay I’ve been trying to stay out of this but I have failed.
Can we stop with the whole “the Israelis are doing this” “but the Palestinians did this” crap? Making it an “us vs them” situation does exactly nothing for anybody, and doesn’t help at all.

In my eyes, it’s everybody who wants the violence to stop vs. the individuals who are actually doing the violence. I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same team here. What’s going on is terrible and a solution is clearly needed, but it will not be found in finger-pointing or meaningless blame. Grow the fuck up - this is not a war of ‘who can post the most pictures of injured children’. 

Anonymous whispered: hey you're cute bye xxxxx


Anonymous whispered: also it's issy hiii (ps you're still cute xxx)

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Some of my favorite lyrics from Lungs | part two 

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Some of my favorite lyrics from Lungs | part one

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mel b and delta goodrem just squabbled over my cousin


don’t forget these

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Some of my favorite lyrics from Ceremonials | part one

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