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omg and we didn’t even need half this shit fml

i know right.

such a hard exam too! i had done all the past papers and there was nothing like any of that. feeling pretty happy about it all, though. 

make palm-cards!


When games go wrong.

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'Thank you!'

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'She's really good at kissing'

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#this is it this is american television

that all happened in under 2 minutes

this is honestly a spiritual experience

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Moi meme: 2/5 bands/musicians

Florence and the machine :I can’t worry too much about the everyday things. Otherwise I’d lose touch with my own world, that helps me as an artist, but it’s frustrating for the people around me. I’m vaguely functional, but there’s always something slightly off.”

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the hsc is in 9 days and i have not written 2 of my essays. im stressed that im not doing anything but then that makes me too busy being stressed to do anything what is happening

Why not try not memorising your essays and just… answering the question? Memorise quotes to prove your point, but there’s no point writing an essay that doesn’t answer the question…


my anaconda don’t

my anaconda don’t

my anaconda don’t wanna do the hsc because it’s so stressful and will determine my fate on entering university hon


Fuck the notion that Shakespeare is some brilliant playwright because of universal themes and textual integrity, Every good author has those fucking things. You can’t write a text that makes sense without textual integrity and universal themes are inherent in everything because its human. It’s human to have emotions so we fucking incorporate them in stories. Shakespeare is unique in these elements of his writing so what’s the big fucking deal?

I think you’re looking at the whole thing from the wrong end!

The point isn’t whether Hamlet should be considered important, but that it is. Try as we might, it is studied schools all over the world. The question we’re being asked is ‘why’.